Tympanoplasty is a reconstructive surgery for the tympanic membrane or eardrum. There are a few options for curing a perforated eardrum. If the perforation is from recent trauma, many doctors will wait and watch if it heals on its own or not. After that, surgery may be considered. It helps to treat infection, protect the middle ear or to restore hearing capability of the patient.

Procedure of Tympanoplasty

Patient is given local anesthesia before starting the process. A surgical cut is made behind the ear. Then the eardrum is exposed. The exposed eardrum is lifted up to get get a clear view f middle and the inner ear. In case, there is a hole in the eardrum, it is cleaned. The infected area is them treated or cut away. Next the perforation is treated by inserting a piece of tissue from under the skin, known as graft. This will close the perforation.


This is little lengthy operation than others. It generally requires an overnight stay in the hospital.

Side Effects of Tympanoplasty

This surgery have certain side effects other than infection and bleeding. Some amount of hearing loss can be there after the surgery. Temporary weakness of facial muscle or lost of taste can also be experienced. In some rare cases, some amount of dizziness can also be seen.